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Your support for the completion and distribution of Dirt & Deeds is needed now – and much appreciated!

Only $25k to go!


Dirt & Deeds is a powerful documentary which captures the drama and complexity of the role of African American farmers in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. The film fills an important void in Movement historiography.

John Dittmer author of ‘Local People’

The sooner the film is completed, the sooner it will be used by such groups as the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Farm Aid, the Mississippi Family Farmers Association, and many others.

…This story has to be told.  It makes visible those who have been invisible for too long.

David Dennis Congress of Racial Equality

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Dirt and Deeds

…We put up our land as collateral to get civil rights workers out of jail.  We felt we had to do it to keep the movement alive.

Edmund Clark Delta farmer, Holmes County, Ms

Help Completion

  • $20

    will get you a DVD of the full feature length film upon completion

  • $100

    or more will get you a DVD of completed film and a vintage soil map of the state of Mississippi

  • $1k

    or more will receive a DVD, soil map, and special acknowledgement in the film credits

  • $5k

    or more will get an associate producer credit

  • $10k

    or more will get a producer credit

Goal is to raise 60k for completion by November 1st.

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There are many organizations inside and outside of Mississippi who intend to use the completed film to support the battles being faced by farmers today. There are other organizations newly engaged is battles over Voting Rights who want to use the completed film.

Funds raised will be used soley for completion post production expenses:

  • Sound mixing
  • Color grade
  • License fees for film archive
  • License fees for music
  • Legal support


  • Total budget is $400k
  • $375k has been raised in donations and in kind services
  • There are 5 foundations and 40 individual donors so far!
  • In April 2014, $75k was needed to complete the film
  • 50k has since been raised!
  • $25k is still needed for completion (as of 1/15/2015)
  • The goal is to raise that amount by the end of February 2015
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It’s the home stretch for a film that will change the way America sees the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Thank you for your support.